Accepted Papers

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Research Track

Paper ID: 1571000445
Distributed Radiance Fields for Edge Video Compression and Metaverse Integration in Autonomous Driving
Authors: Eugen Šlapak and Matúš Dopiriak (Technical University of Košice, Slovakia); Mohammad Al Faruque (UC Irvine, USA); Juraj Gazda (Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia); Marco Levorato (University of California, Irvine, USA)

Paper ID: 1571000550
Towards Enhanced Urban Management: Introducing A Model for Autonomic Smart City Management
Authors: Elham Okhovat and Michael A. Bauer (University of Western Ontario, Canada)

Paper ID: 1571002332
Towards Opportunistic Federated Learning Using Independent Subnetwork Training
Authors: Victor Romero II (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan & University of the Philippines, Philippines); Tomokazu Matsui, Yuki Matsuda, Hirohiko Suwa and Keiichi Yasumoto (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

Paper ID: 1571002429
Cost-based Modeling and Optimization of Secure Matrix Multiplication in the Cloud
Authors: Richard Hernandez and Kemal Akkaya (Florida International University, USA); Soamar Homsi (Air Force Research Laboratory – Information Directorate (AFRL/RI), USA)

Paper ID: 1571002761
Optimizing Risk-averse Human-AI Hybrid Teams
Authors: Andrew S Fuchs (University of Pisa & National Research Council (CNR), Italy); Andrea Passarella and Marco Conti (IIT-CNR, Italy)

Paper ID: 1571002926
A Domain-Specific Tool for the Creation of Machine Learning Models with Imbalanced Datasets
Authors: Dmitrii Fomin (Université Grenoble Alpes, France); Philippe Lalanda (Grenoble University, France); Denis Morand (Schneider Electric, France)

Paper ID: 1571003107
An MCS Navigation System Based on Road Surface Quality for Bicycle Riders
Authors: Federico Montori, Rocco Pastore, Luca Sciullo and Luciano Bononi (University of Bologna, Italy); Luca Bedogni (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy)

Paper ID: 1571003170
A method for city-wide PoI-level congestion prediction via assimilation of actual and simulation-based PoI congestion data
Authors: Haruka Sakagami, Osamu Yamada, Yuki Matsuda, Hirohiko Suwa and Keiichi Yasumoto (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

Paper ID: 1571003380
On the Role of Re-Descending M-estimators in Resilient Anomaly Detection for Smart Living
Authors: Sahar Abedzadeh and Shameek Bhattacharjee (Western Michigan University, USA)

Paper ID: 1571003488
TASR: A Novel Trust-Aware Stackelberg Routing Algorithm to Mitigate Traffic Congestion
Authors: Doris E M Brown, Venkata Sriram Siddhardh Nadendla and Sajal K. Das (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA)

Paper ID: 1571003515
Explainable Deep Learning Models for Dynamic and Online Malware Classification
Authors: Quincy Card, Daniel Simpson, Kshitiz Aryal and Maanak Gupta (Tennessee Technological University, USA); Sheik R Islam (Rutgers University, USA)

Paper ID: 1571003544
POSCA: Path Optimization for Solar Cover Amelioration in Urban Air Mobility
Authors: Debjyoti Sengupta, Anurag Satpathy and Sajal K. Das (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA)

Paper ID: 1571006003
ContextGPT: Infusing LLMs Knowledge into Neuro-Symbolic Activity Recognition Models
Authors: Luca Arrotta (University of Milan, Italy); Claudio Bettini (Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy); Gabriele Civitarese and Michele Fiori (University of Milan, Italy)

Paper ID: 1571007996
iFair: Achieving Fairness in the Allocation of Scarce Resources for Senior Health Care
Authors: Modeste M Kenne (University of California Irvine, USA); Prasanna Date (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA); Ronald Eguchi and Zhenghui Hu (ImageCat, Inc., USA); Julie Rousseau (University of California Irvine School of Medicine, USA); Nalini Venkatasubramanian (University of California, Irvine, USA)

Paper ID: 1571008113
Sharing the Edge: System Status Aware Object Recognition Task Offloading
Authors: Chenyang Wang, Owen Eicher and Qi Han (Colorado School of Mines, USA)

Paper ID: 1571008157
AMPHI: Adaptive Mission-Aware Microservices Provisioning in Heterogeneous IoT Settings
Authors: Yuqiao Li (University of California, Irvine, USA); Fangqi Liu (University of California at Irvine, USA); Cheng-Hsin Hsu (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan); Nalini Venkatasubramanian (University of California, Irvine, USA)

Paper ID: 1571008412
Constrained Predictive Control of Electric Water Heaters in Individual Dwellings
Authors: Laguili Oumaima (University of Perpignan & PROMES Laboratory, France); Julien Eynard (University of Perpignan, France); Stéphane Grieu (University Perpignan via Domitia, France)

Paper ID: 1571008737
PREDEA: Predicted-RoI based Resource-Efficient Object Detection with Aggregation
Authors: Yoshikazu Watanabe, Seiya Shibata and Takashi Takenaka (NEC Corporation, Japan)

Paper ID: 1571008954
FMLFS: A federated multi-label feature selection based on information theory in IoT environment
Authors: Afsaneh Mahanipour (University o Kentucky, USA); Hana Khamfroush (University of Kentucky, USA)

Paper ID: 1571008993
Leveraging Homeostatic Plasticity to Enable Anomaly Detection in Spiking Neural Networks
Authors: Rawan M. A. Nawaiseh, Fabrizio De Vita and Enrico Catalfamo (University of Messina, Italy); Dario Bruneo (Universita di Messina, Italy)

Paper ID: 1571009039
DP-MTFL: Differentially Private Multi-Tier Federated Learning for IoT applications
Authors: Ramin Soleimani (University College Cork & SFI Centre for Research Training in Advanced Networks for Sustainable Societies, Ireland); Dirk Pesch (University College Cork, Ireland)

Paper ID: 1571009100
Enhancing UAV Operational Efficiency through Cloud Computing and Autopilot System Integration
Authors: Luca D’Agati, Francesco Longo, Giovanni Merlino and Antonio Puliafito (University of Messina, Italy); Giuseppe Tricomi (Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking of ICAR, Italy & University of Messina, Italy)

Paper ID: 1571009125
A Graph Neural Network Framework for Imbalanced Bus Ridership Forecasting
Authors: Samir Amitkumar Gupta, Agrima Khanna, Jose Talusan and Anwar Said (Vanderbilt University, USA); Dan Freudberg (WeGo Public Transit, USA); Ayan Mukhopadhyay and Abhishek Dubey (Vanderbilt University, USA)

Paper ID: 1571009293
Water-COLOR: Water-COnservation using a Learning-based Optimized Recommender
Authors: Guang Xue Zhang and David L. Feldman (University of California, Irvine, USA); Yiming Lin (University of California, Berkeley, USA); Sharad Mehrotra and Nalini Venkatasubramanian (University of California, Irvine, USA); Thayer Drew and Kim Sentovich (Rachio Inc., USA); Owen Veranth (Analytiks Inc., USA)

Paper ID: 1571009368
From Calls to Scales: Harnessing Smartphone for Daily Mass Measurement
Authors: Hamada Rizk (Osaka University, Japan); Merna Hesham (AUC, Egypt); Moustafa Youssef (American University in Cairo, Egypt)

Paper ID: 1571009441
RATTLE: Train Identification through Audio Fingerprinting
Authors: Leonardo Ciabattini, Luca Sciullo, Alfonso Esposito, Ivan Zyrianoff and Marco Di Felice (University of Bologna, Italy)

Paper ID: 1571010028
Clustering-Enhanced Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Offloading in Resource-Constrained Devices
Authors: Khoa Anh Tran (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan); Nguyen Do Van (NICT, Japan); Minh-Son Dao (National Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Japan); Koji Zettsu (NICT, Japan)

Industry Track

Paper ID: 1571003736
Threshold Estimation-assisted Unsupervised Patch-wise Model for Industrial Inspection of Anomaly
Authors: Yang Chen, Peiyue Yuan, Yanyu Wang and Chai Kiat Kiat Yeo (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore); David Aik-Aun Khoo, Minhoe Hur and Keng Teck Ma (Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore, Singapore)

Paper ID: 1571009126
OPTIMUS: Discrete Event Simulator for Vehicle-to-Building Charging Optimization
Authors: Jose Talusan and Rishav Sen (Vanderbilt University, USA); Ava Pettet, Aaron Kandel, Yoshinori Suzue and Liam Pedersen (Nissan Advanced Technology Center Silicon Valley, USA); Ayan Mukhopadhyay and Abhishek Dubey (Vanderbilt University, USA)

Posters Track

Paper ID: 1571018792
An Implementation of Private Function Evaluation Using FHE and TEE for Smart Computing Systems
Authors: Ruixiao Li, Ryutaro Onishi and Hayato Yamana (Waseda University, Japan)

Paper ID: 1571022391
Solving Sequential Competitive Facility Location Challenges: Using Parallel Genetic Algorithms
Authors: Sadan Kulturel-Konak and Abdullah Konak (Penn State Berks, USA); Lawrence Snyder (Lehigh University, USA)

Paper ID: 1571022653
Poster: Reinforcement Learning based Matching for Parallel Computation Offloading in Dynamic Fog Computing Networks
Authors: Tran Hoa and Dong Seong Kim (Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea)

Paper ID: 1571023404
OpenCyberCity Testbed’s Recent Progress in Smart City Management
Authors: Mostafa Zaman, Ahmed Malik, Maher Al Islam and Courtney Van (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA); Alyssa Pollard and Brittany Davis (Virginia State University, USA); Sherif Abdelwahed(Virginia Commonwealth University, USA); Nasibeh Zohrabi (Pennsylvania State University, USA)

Demos Track

Paper ID: 1571018827
A Table-top Interface for Real-time Coaching in Abacus Learning
Authors: Yuki Matsuda (Okayama University)

Paper ID: 1571019237
Enhanced Pedestrian Detection Model Transfer-Trained on YOLOv8 Using DenseFused RGB and FIR Images
Authors: Yoshihara Arata, Ismail Arai, Arata Endo, Kazutoshi Fujikawa and Masatoshi Kakiuchi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

Paper ID: 1571023647
A Demonstration of Voice-Interactive AI Agents for Vehicles Utilizing Multiple LLMs
Authors: Toru Furusawa, Masatoshi Saitoh (Toyota Motor Corporation)

PhD Forum

Paper ID: 1571029332
MalFormer 001: Transformer-based Multimodal Fused Attention Malware Detector
Authors: Pradip Kunwar (Tennessee Technological University, USA)

Paper ID: 1571019267
Sustainable Route Planning and Efficient Computation Offloading in Urban Air Mobility
Authors: Debjyoti Sengupta (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA)

Paper ID: 1571022748
Learning at the Time of Disasters
Authors: Victor Romero II (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan & University of the Philippines, Philippines)

Paper ID: 1571023285
PhD Forum Abstract: Trust-Aware Routing of Human Drivers to Mitigate Traffic Congestion
Authors: Doris E M Brown (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA)

Paper ID: 1571029244
Deep Neural Networks at the Edge
Authors: Robert Viramontes (University of Wisconsin Madison, USA)

Paper ID: 1571029249
Distributed Radiance Fields for Edge Video Compression and Metaverse Integration in Autonomous Driving
Authors: Matúš Dopiriak (Technical University of Košice, Slovakia)

Paper ID: 1571029336
Drug Solubility And Subcategory Prediction Using SMILES Strings
Authors: Sarwan Ali (Georgia State University, USA)

Paper ID: 1571029341
Towards Efficient Urban Mobility: Leveraging GNN and MTL for Demand Forecasting
Authors: Samir Amitkumar Gupta (Vanderbilt University, USA)