Poster/Demo Track

Preparations for Poster and Demo session

Please see the following descriptions to prepare posters and demos.

    • Poster Panels: Width 90 cm, Height 2.1 m
    • Demo Tables: Width 1.8 m, Depth 60 cm, Height 72 cm per table

Additionally, regarding the electrical outlets, please note that the maximum capacity per circuit is 1.5 kW 


An Implementation of Private Function Evaluation Using FHE and TEE for Smart Computing Systems
Ruixiao Li, Ryutaro Onishi and Hayato Yamana (Waseda University, Japan)

Solving Sequential Competitive Facility Location Challenges: Using Parallel Genetic Algorithms
Sadan Kulturel-Konak and Abdullah Konak (Penn State Berks, USA); Lawrence Snyder (Lehigh University, USA)

Reinforcement Learning based Matching for Parallel Computation Offloading in Dynamic Fog Computing Networks
Tran Hoa and Dong Seong Kim (Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea)

OpenCyberCity Testbed’s Recent Progress in Smart City Management
Mostafa Zaman, Ahmed Malik, Maher Al Islam and Courtney Van (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA); Alyssa Pollard and Brittany Davis (Virginia State University, USA); Sherif Abdelwahed(Virginia Commonwealth University, USA); Nasibeh Zohrabi (Pennsylvania State University, USA)


A Table-top Interface for Real-time Coaching in Abacus Learning
Yuki Matsuda (Okayama University)

Enhanced Pedestrian Detection Model Transfer-Trained on YOLOv8 Using DenseFused RGB and FIR Images
Yoshihara Arata, Ismail Arai, Arata Endo, Kazutoshi Fujikawa and Masatoshi Kakiuchi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

A Demonstration of Voice-Interactive AI Agents for Vehicles Utilizing Multiple LLMs
Toru Furusawa, Masatoshi Saitoh (Toyota Motor Corporation)

PhD Forum

PhD forum is a mentoring session which is a closed-door event with mentors and PhD candidates. This year, we have 8 PhD candidates. Each candidate will prepare a 2 min lightning slide and a 7 minute presentation on their PhD plan. They will also present a poster of their PhD forum during the poster session with everyone else.

MalFormer 001: Transformer-based Multimodal Fused Attention Malware Detector
Pradip Kunwar (Tennessee Technological University, USA)

Sustainable Route Planning and Efficient Computation Offloading in Urban Air Mobility
Debjyoti Sengupta (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA)

Learning at the Time of Disasters
Victor Romero II (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan & University of the Philippines, Philippines)

Trust-Aware Routing of Human Drivers to Mitigate Traffic Congestion
Doris E M Brown (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA)

Deep Neural Networks at the Edge
Robert Viramontes (University of Wisconsin Madison, USA)

Distributed Radiance Fields for Edge Video Compression and Metaverse Integration in Autonomous Driving
Matúš Dopiriak (Technical University of Košice, Slovakia)

Drug Solubility And Subcategory Prediction Using SMILES Strings
Sarwan Ali (Georgia State University, USA)

Towards Efficient Urban Mobility: Leveraging GNN and MTL for Demand Forecasting
Samir Amitkumar Gupta (Vanderbilt University, USA)